Convener :

Asst. Prof. Mr. Ramesh P. Gupta

Committee Members :

  • Ashish Shinde
  • Mohini Sapate
  • Bhushan Chaudhari

Purpose of Committee:-

  • The goal of the student council is to provide a common platform to students for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  • To make the students participate in the development of the institute as well as in the process develop their personality, organizational skills and career through interactive programs with the faculty, administration and society.
  • Student Council is the representative body of the students of the college.
  • To motivate students for welfare of college and betterment of society.
  • To make pleasant atmosphere in college.

According to Maharashtra University Act 1994, subsection 40b, Student Council is constituted. Student Council looks after welfare of student to promote and co-ordinate extracurricular activity for student’s involvement in organizing events.


Student Council Committee 2016-2017

1 President Mr. Ajay Patil
2 Vice President Miss. Shefali Pawar
3 Secretary/Treasurer Mr. Rajesh Kadam
4 DLLE representative Miss. Nikita Pashte
5 NSS representative Mr. Dinesh Kode
6 F.Y. BMS Class representative Mr. Apoorva Chawkekar
7 S.Y.BMS Class representative Miss. Amruta More
8 T.Y. BMS Class representative Mr. Digambar Gupta
9 F.T. IT Class representative Mr. Himanshu Pandey
10 S.Y. IT Class representative Miss. Prachi Pashte
11 T.Y. IT Class representative Mr. Tanoj Joshi
12 F.Y. CS Class representative Mr. Suchit Shelar
13 S.Y. CS Class representative Miss. Hemangi Mhatre
14 T.Y. CS Class representative Mr. Chetan Tamboli
  • The Principal
  • One faculty member nominated by the Principal (In Charge of Committee)
  • Students’ Council Committee (Teachers)
  • A Class Representative from every class and who has shown outstanding performance in the previous year’s Examinations
  • One student each from NSS, NCC, Sports, Cultural with outstanding performance during the previous years in the respective fields.
  • Two lady representatives


  • To look after the academic activities and give suggestions for better performance.
  • To deal with the day to day matters and ensure the smooth functioning of the college.
  • To solve various problems of the students in consultation with college authorities.
  • To suggest measures for involving more students in extension activities.
  • To suggest steps for improvement in the field of sports and cultural activities at inter collegiate and intra collegiate level.
  • To bring to the notice of the institution any matters which may affect the institution and are not in the interests of the institution

Yearly Plan – Student Council – 2016 -2017

Sr. No. Activity / Plan Date
1 Session on “Work of student Council” 25 June, 2016.
2 Session on “Mann Ki Baat” 15 July, 2016.
3 Session on “The Moment of Calm” 02nd Aug, 2016
4 Poster Competition regarding “Azaadi 70” 23 Aug, 2016.
5 Session on “Vachan Prerna Divas” 10th Oct,2016
6 Session on “Counselling & Motivation to needy students by seniors” 27 Sept, 2016.
7 Celebrating “National Unity Day” 31 Oct, 2016.
8 Intercollegiate Quiz Competition 07 Dec, 2016.
9 Student of the year awards 05 Jan, 2017.
Convener: Mr. Ramesh P. Gupta.
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