Prof. Miss. Heena Ansari

Committee Members:

  • Yogesh Sonawane
  • Hemlata Wadikar
  • Vaibhav Katkar
  • Nilesh Kabadi
  • Rohini Gandhe
  • Prashant Jadhav


Sr.No. Activity/ Plan Date
1. Orientation programme of Grievance Committee and form distribution August 2015
2. Session on Training Programme  September 2015



  • The college has formed the Grievance Redressal Cell for addressing the grievances which are supposed to be submitted in writing and necessary procedure will be followed by the committee for solving the matters brought forth.
  1. The grievance of the students should be accepted in writing and shall be presented before the committee comprising of at least four members of which at least one member of the respective department should be present at the time of the hearing of the cases registered under their concerned department.
  2. Both the aggrieved parties should be present at the time of hearing of their case before the committee.
  3. After hearing from both the parties by giving them due opportunity of hearing, members should discuss the matter and necessary / required decision should be taken thereafter.
  4. If necessary the parents of the aggrieved students should be called to report the matter to them.
  5. A record of the complaints has to be kept by the committee and also by the respective departments.
  6. The aggrieved party should report the grievance in writing to the cell and appropriate measures will be taken by the Committee after proper analysis of the matter/s.
  7. A record of the complaints has to be kept by the committee and also by the respective departments.

Grievance Redressal Cell: Faculty and Staff

Purpose :

  • The Grievance Cell has been set up to help Faculty and Staff to record and solve their grievances in matters directly affecting them, either individually or as a group.


  • The Cell will entertain both, written and signed complaints as well as complaints received through e-mails.
  • The Cell will address the grievances and communicate to the concerned authority for a suitable action or a possible redressal.
  • The written complaints can be submitted to any of the committee members.


  1. The Chairperson gave an overall view regarding the duties of the Grievance cell.
  2. All the complaints record has to be kept by the Convener of the Committee and also by the respective members of the Committee.
  3. Issues regarding students ID cards, maintenance of overall discipline and overall Lectures must be successfully dealt with.
  4. As communicated to the Convener of Committee, issues regarding drinking water and electricity issues the shortage of water in washrooms, were sorted out with concerned Convener.
  5. Constructive suggestions were invited regarding the functioning of the Grievance Committee.

 Dr. (Mrs.) Snehal Donde