Convener: – Asst Prof. Mr. Omkar Pathak

Committee Members:

  • Tejaswi Dengane

Roles & Responsibilities of the Sports Committee


“To create healthy, mentally and physically fit body and mind for every Students to ascertain their dynamic future”

Following are the responsibilities of the Sports Committee:

  1. Coordination with the Student Sports Secretary
    1. Keeping stock of previous and current years’ sports goods.
    2. Place order for sports goods on basis of quotations procured.
    3. Arranging the venues for sports events.
    4. Drawing plans for various sports.
  1. Consultation with the Principal
    1. Obtaining permission to hold sports events in the college campus.
    2. To conduct intra-oriented- college sports events.
    3. To obtain sanction for Entry/Registration Fees to participate in various sports events.
    4. To maintain attendance of students who participate in sports events.
  2. Sorting out any sports related issues (team selections, objections, quarrels etc)
  3. Maintaining reports of sports events participated outdoor or in the University. This is especially important from the Annual Day point of view, as the information is required for the Principal’s Report and Prize Distribution Ceremony.
  4. Strategies participation in sports events outside the College/University and for Udhan /Annual Sports Day celebration.
  5. The schedule events/planner for the academic year in consultation with the Student’s Sports Committee.
  6. Taking follow up of Annual sports contribution of University of Mumbai.


Sr. No. Activity / Plan Date
1 Formation of Students Sports Committee & informing students about all activities.  June, 2016.
2 Stock checking and placing order for sports item June, 2016.
3 Displaying University sports calendar.  July, 2016.
4 Ground making for all different sport games & providing sports equipments. Aug, 2016.
5 Practice sessions for all games. Sept, 2016.
6 Practice sessions for all games. Oct, 2016.
7 Intra- College Competition. Nov, 2016.
8 To inform students sport committee to collect entries for Inter College Competition (Udhan). Dec, 2016.
9 Organize Udhan – Cultural Event, Sports & Distribution of Certificates & Trophies. Jan,2017
Convener: Mr. Wasim M. Shaikh



Sr.No Name Class Game
1 Amol Tiwari SYBMS Hand Ball
2 Omkar Patil FYBMS Kabadi
3 Indra Pratap Rathode SYBMS Football
4 Dinesh Kode SYBMS Cricket
5 Nishant Bhanushali FYIT Chess
6 Harshal Mukane FYBMS Carom
7 Mubashir Memon SYIT Badminton
8 Nikita Shelar FYBAF Kabadi
9 Sayali Khandagale SYBMS Chess
10 Mayuri Thakre FYBMS Cricket
11 Rakhi Thakur FYBMS Carom
12 Monali Rikame SYBMS Badminton
13 Damini Bodke SYIT Football