GURU PURNIMA – 2016-17

GURU PURNIMA – 2016-17

On the auspicious occasion of guru purnima since time immoral to bring the awakening of life, a celebration attended the student & teachers was organized at wada college of management & science ,one of the prestigious colleges in wada .

The   program began with gathering all student & teacher at assembly. Then students offered gratitude to the vedic tradition , describing the actual history laying behind celebrating guru purnima ,the story of “Eklavya” &”Dronacharya”, that will guide countless generations to the light of pure knowledge within the self of everyone .

The   rafter students performed inspiring skits & performed inspiring skits & presented melodious songs. Some students delivered motivational speeches  , some offered thankfulness & gratefulness to the staff .Students had arranged some cakes & foods for staff.

There after, students performed inspiring skits & presented melodious song. some students delivered motivational speeches , some offered thankfulness to the staff.

Student had arranged some   cakes & foods for staff. There   after,  some of the teachers defined “Guru”. On the occasion of guru-pournima, tens of hundreds of student of wcms offered gratitude for the profound education they have received under the guidance of teachers.

Then Ms. Deepali ma’am delivered the closing speech & everyone dispread.

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